An Ephemeral Introduction

Hey !
This is my first blog about me. Yes, I know that I have been blogging for a few days now but all at once I realized that there is no one knowing me. I haven’t introduced myself so far so I thought why not today.

You must have got my name by now but for the new ones’ , hi! I am Archita from a country where you’ll find people of diversified religion all together, India. I am a 22-year-old graduate planning for higher education. And in the meanwhile, I thought why not pursue my liking towards writing.

So here I am amidst you all to learn a lot more about it and I really appreciate that you’ve started helping me too ( thank you for the likes, comments, compliments and suggestions:) ). I look forward to seeing more of it.

Although, I love reading and learning about all the blogs which are being written here over any topic but in particular, I’d love to connect with people who are into poetry and fiction, so keep dropping in ladies and gentlemen. Waiting to hear from you all.

Signing off,
With regards

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41 Replies to “An Ephemeral Introduction”

  1. I’ve never been able to write but I do love reading poetry And your name is beautiful BTW! I met a couple of people from India and was very fascinated with your culture, the different holidays we both celebrate etc Good luck with your blog! ā˜ŗ

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