She won the elocution.!

Sitting on her bed with a pen in one hand and one side of her face on the other, her lap was getting heavy with the burden of 3 things over it-a mathematics book, a question bank book and a note book and just by chance she kept a diary over all these 3 books wishing to pen down her thoughts. You can very well imagine the condition of those 3 books which were lying aimlessly, staring at her with its black prints on the sheer white sheets as if asking her to study them and solve those problems.

She was exactly a month away from her exams and still her mind was wandering everywhere else except on where it was required to – studies. And just then her dad asked a question to her mom,”What is most important certificate which becomes invalid when signatured by you ?”, and her voice flowed from her bedroom to the living room, “the death certificate. ”

Yes it was a small distraction from her thoughts but instantly, might be just for a few seconds, it gave her some sort of energy, a thought that she was right and she spoke it out.

Okay! I know it sounds funny like anyone could answer it, its such an easy question, even she knew it but speaking out in front of her parents or anyone else including her friends was a tough task for her. She was a bit of an introvert and doing such things for her was like winning the elocution competition.

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