My confidante.!

One fine morning, I asked her,
“Hey Akansha can we sit together?”
She candidly shifted her bag and said,
“You are most welcome, my friend! “

We used to eat our lunch between the lectures,
Roam around in the corridors as if we were the leaders.
We used to laugh at silly things until tears in our eyes,
Sat on the back benches saving us from the mentor’s sight.

She always rescued me whenever I was in trouble,
Had solutions to every problem in which I used to struggle.
She was the most dependable person at that time of my life,
I had nothing to fear for when she was by my side.

When i stepped out of my school, the first thing that i wished,
Oh Lord! Never let our friendship ruin, for its the most cherished thing.
Today, we have our own world and certain responsibilities,
But we still find sometime for each other to keep that friendship alive.

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20 Replies to “My confidante.!”

  1. I can totally relate.
    My confidante and I make time for each other all the time too. We have crazy schedules, we have spent a year in different cities and have tons of other things in life but we always make time and whenever we do, it is the same. πŸ™‚

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