The break-up call.!!!

Shivesh: “That’s not possible, you love me and I know you can’t live without me. Have you found someone else better than me.?”

Rachita: “Well, then you are highly mistaken. I’m living happily on my own. And I don’t need someone else for that.”

Shivesh: “Either this is the last time we are talking or may be a new beginning is awaiting us.”

Rachita: “Okay then find it to be the last conversation we are having. I’m done.”

And the phone got disconnected. Even the BSNL network didn’t wanted us to continue further anymore. I left my mobile with the charger plugged in and ran to my mother who was asking me, “On whom were you raging, you never do that?” To what I replied, “Oh! It was just a friend’s call.” She didn’t say a word as she had got an idea of what I was up to and she knew I won’t do it without any reason.

I went back to my bedroom and checked my mobile that had 5 missed calls from the same number which got disconnected half an hour or so ago. And then a message beeped in that said, “Ok, so you’ve decided not to carry on with this relationship, fine. From now on, we don’t exist for each other anymore. Bye.”

There was a sigh of relief on my face, it was not a smile because I had loved him like anything but if in love, you start feeling that you’re being used, you’re unable to breath freely and you’re just a someone or something to pity on then there’s no more love in that relation.

After few days, I got a call from a number but no name flashed on my mobile so I didn’t answer the call. Somewhere, I knew it was him but something deep inside didn’t allowed me to know that.


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