My Driving Classes.!

Now-a-days, I don’t have much things to do except to wait for my results and because all of my friends are in other cities, sitting at home is the only task I have to perform whole-heartedly. As all this was making me lazy-bones, I decided to do something new. After many head-banging and mind-boggling sessions, I chose to learn how to drive a car and so, my father got me enrolled into a driving school.

The first five days were to be of theory classes. When I reached the class 5 minutes before scheduled time,    i.e., 8:30 in the morning, I saw just a single person who was almost my age (according to my perception) sitting there. Sir started the lecture exactly on time so I thought that no one else was going to turn up. But just after few moments, a woman who was just a year or two older than me and her father who seemed to be quite older than my father, entered the classroom. They took their respective seats silently and the lecture continued.

In between the discourse, my thoughts took flight towards that old man who was all excited to learn something new. There are many things that our elders teach us with their immense experiences and today, this person taught me that there is no limit to have knowledge about anything. Most of the things doesn’t require age, the only thing it requires is the aim to achieve it and the zeal to inculcate it in your life. With this thought and a smile on my face which had broadened, I landed my flight of thoughts and concentrated in the class with more enthusiasm.

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19 Replies to “My Driving Classes.!”

  1. Great decision. Knowing how to drive is a very important thing and will help you in the future 🙂 Try taking swimming lessons as well, if you don’t know already. That is also a great thing to learn.

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