Chaotic Night.!

This dewy night,

This ethereal ambience,

There a mighty moon bright,

Dazzles with its magnificence.

Why is the moonlight now quiet

After lighting up this fire?

The mixed signals of the weather

Have put our night into a quagmire.

A sapphire blue sky, a dainty breeze,

These moist buds as if comatose,

In these setting of idyllic ease,

And fervent, free flowing prose.

Why is this heart losing patience,

Why am I not in a state of bliss,

Why this life seeks cadence,

As if there was something amiss.

My heart seeks that impossible dream

That I couldn’t find in broad daylight.

Or maybe I search for my lost sheen

In the dazzle of this night.

Is there no one who remembers me

Even if by some stroke of chance,

He who would smile devastatingly

And instantly put me in a trance.


26 Replies to “Chaotic Night.!”

  1. Beautifully written! Daring the impossible dream, and losing our state of bliss in turn, does make us feel alive. And in a broad daylight, there may be too many things which could sparkle but the one which stays even after when night casts its shadow, that’s our dream, that’s our impossible dream 🙂

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