Palpable Sense Of Love ♡!

You are the moon that illuminates the skies,
I am the dust of Earth that aimlessly flies.
You are the God of love, my paramour,
I am a flower offered in your splendour.
You are the prayer and I am the priest,
I am the thirst and you the nectar that quenches it.
You are the limitless borders of an ocean,
I am a little wave on the jetty.
You are the notes of classical music,
I am an incomplete symphony.
You are the body and I am your shadow,
I am an error and you the power to let go.

You are the radiance of dawn,
The vermilion sun on the horizon,
You have been the echo of my breath from the start,
The joyous peacock that dances in my heart.


34 Replies to “Palpable Sense Of Love ♡!”

  1. I actually tried to imagine it as a one person related thing where we always try to get that perfection in life with constant effort to succeed. So for me the poem was inspiring, and truly beautiful 🙂

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  2. Love the final line: “The joyous peacock that dances in my heart.” In the Chinese zodiac sign I’m a rooster, which confusingly is also described as the “strutting peacock of the Chinese Zodiac”, so I guess it just appealed to my inner bird or something. 😉

    Anyway, another great one. Will read another of your poems now.

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      1. You’re welcome. 🙂 It was a pleasure to spend some time reading your writing last night. Would you mind letting me know what your Chinese zodiac sign is if you do look it up? Curious.

        Also, couldn’t help but notice that you do very well on the Followers and Likes front. Congrats by the way. 🙂 I’m pretty new to this whole making my writing public/admitting to being a writer thing. Any tips with the Likes and Followers? Is it just something that comes with time or is there something I’m not doing with my site that I really should?

        Added a few more pieces to my site in the early hours of the morning…which is possibly the worst possible time to add them considering most people may be asleep. Oh well.

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      2. I am honoured and glad that you loved them. 🙂
        And my Chinese zodiac sign is Monkey. 😉
        Thank you so much for that. I am no one to give you tips on anything but if you ask so, I would just say that it all comes with time, patience and of course a good connection with the other blogger friends. You just need to find people who are into the type of blogging you do.
        Yeah, I am going through them and loving them. 🙂

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      3. I love monkeys! 😀 As does my daughter.
        Erm…I mean, thank you for your useful advice regarding my writer’s site. I’ll try to be patient and just keep on writing then. Don’t think I have any other blogger friends but hopefully the Likes and Followers will still come in time anyway.
        Thank you. 🙂 Glad you like them. Had quite an inspired night. Unsure quite where this inspiration is coming from though…as in real life my romantic life isn’t exactly all that right now. Hmm…perhaps the lack of “all that” is the inspiration. Ah well. At least something good came out of it then.

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