Mystic Love ♡

Take this fair form of mine
Give me that dusky hue divine
So that I can blend with this night’s mystery
For all I want is my beloved’s company.

My honour tugs at my feet
While desire pulls at my arms
To venture out and go meet 
Him and be captive to his charms.
I really don’t know which way to go
Wish someone could tell me and take me in tow.

And oh! You wretched moon
Why did you have to remove the silken shrouds
You have revealed my colour as I swoon
While you smile, gaping bright through the clouds.

Hope you too go through tough times 
For making a plaything of these climes
I have lost something but gained a lot
I have got something but now I am in a spot.
Where are you taking me, my heart 
After shaking my world apart ?


25 Replies to “Mystic Love ♡”

  1. “Thoda jor ka jhatka lagta he, jab woh jhatka dil de jata he; Lekin jhatkon ke bina adhoori reh jaati he, yeh zindagi.” Couldn’t convey this better in english, so hindi it is 😀 Beautifully written!

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