The over waits.!

Hi friends! Aaah…it’s been one long month since I last posted something. Missed you all and your bloggings too but now I’m back and will get in touch to your posts sooner. Actually, I was busy in achieving few goals set for this month and you can’t imagine how happy I am to tell you all that I have been successful in doing so. Two of these are very close to my heart which I achieved towards the end of the month but the preparations had begun on the first day in full swing.

The first one being a grand celebration on my parents’ silver anniversary which was on 20th of June. There was so much to prepare and I was all by myself but a sister is a sister. As soon as she came from Dehradun after completing her college although, it was just 4 days before the Day, she took half of the charge and we were successful in pulling out a great celebration for them.


And the next thing I wanna celebrate is their golden anniversary. πŸ™‚

The second most important thing that happened to me was my selection in an program of my choice in none other than the VIT university, Vellore. Yes, recently I visited Chennai for the counselling but was unsure if I could get through. But my happiness had no bounds when I felt the admission letter in my hands. And now it’s time to leave my hometown once again to achieve some more goals set for coming future.
Thank you so much everyone here who’ve always motivated me to bring out the best in me.


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