Mundane Monday Challenge » 4

Hey friends.! Good morning everyone. Feeling so good that I can blog today’s entry for the Mundane Monday Challenge. It seems that I have been unable to blog since ages but thanks a lot Jithin for this challenge so that atleast I can post every Monday.

So here goes my fourth entry.

Library is where I am these days.

See you all next week, hope so.! 😉 🙂


Mundane Monday Challenge » 3

With a fresh monday morning breeze, a bit of monday blues and a pinch of building tensions in curriculums, I bring up another entry for the best thing today, the Mundane Monday Challenge.

Rays of Sun through the shadow of the Tree.!

So, finally I got some time to spend with the nature and beautiful surroundings here this last weekend. Therefore, I could capture some better shots than the earlier ones. Hope it brightens your day. 🙂
Feeling refreshed.!

Mundane Monday Challenge » 2

Ah ! I skipped monday for the monday challenge. Was busy with the newly-found-love-of-my-life, power electronics and drives. 😛 But soon I got some time away from it and here I am with my another entry for this challenge.

Few things left unsaid.

I couldn’t find anything good than this in my room because in the campus I’ve nothing to do except attending classes and coming back to the room these days. 😦

§ Impossible Imaginations §

I wanna lie down

in the shadow of the sun,

And feel the breeze

all along the run.


I wanna touch the blue sky

with my legs up high,

And see the clouds

coming down as I try.


I wanna build a home for me

in the snow,

And stare at the snow flakes

rising up in a row.


I wanna stand at the point

where the sky meets the sea,

And run towards the sea shore

 feeling as free as I can be.


I wanna fall from the uphill

waving the sky a goodbye,

And suddenly spring up the parachute

to land up a new life.

Mundane Monday Challenge » 1

It’s been long since I wanted to enter this challenge but for just one reason was unable to do so : a camera with a good capture quality. 😛

Even now I don’t have a camera but have got a new phone with good camera quality. My images are not gonna be as good as Jithins’ who has encouraged me to take up this Mundane Monday Challenge but I’ll try my best. So here goes my first entry.

Curtain on the window

Anyone who wishes to have this challenge can check trabloggers’ blog for the details.


Falling in love is very easy, some may call it a crush, infatuation while others may view it in their own way.

Any way it was, all that mattered to me was you. With every passing day, a glimpse of yours was the drug I was getting addicted to. A drug which was irresistible and which was driving me towards you more.
Beyond the love that I had for you, there was a precious friendship we shared. I never wanted anything except a shed of smile on your face that made me fall in love with you everyday.

I expressed my feelings to you with all the guts I had and you broke the friendship we had. You became a stranger after that. Whenever I saw you, the friendship in my heart would ask you to return that but you didn’t. Everyone and your newly-found-true-love got aware of my love for you but it wasn’t me who told them as you thought. It was my love for you that spoke through my eyes.

Now, I don’t want you to come back to my life ever again, it’ll make me more weak. I want you to hate me, maybe that hatred helps me forget those beautiful moments spent with you. But I’ll never regret falling for you, it will always remain the most amazing phase of my life. The only thing I’m gonna regret is not seeing your smiling face the first thing when I open my eyes every morning.



The over waits.!

Hi friends! Aaah…it’s been one long month since I last posted something. Missed you all and your bloggings too but now I’m back and will get in touch to your posts sooner. Actually, I was busy in achieving few goals set for this month and you can’t imagine how happy I am to tell you all that I have been successful in doing so. Two of these are very close to my heart which I achieved towards the end of the month but the preparations had begun on the first day in full swing.

The first one being a grand celebration on my parents’ silver anniversary which was on 20th of June. There was so much to prepare and I was all by myself but a sister is a sister. As soon as she came from Dehradun after completing her college although, it was just 4 days before the Day, she took half of the charge and we were successful in pulling out a great celebration for them.


And the next thing I wanna celebrate is their golden anniversary. 🙂

The second most important thing that happened to me was my selection in an program of my choice in none other than the VIT university, Vellore. Yes, recently I visited Chennai for the counselling but was unsure if I could get through. But my happiness had no bounds when I felt the admission letter in my hands. And now it’s time to leave my hometown once again to achieve some more goals set for coming future.
Thank you so much everyone here who’ve always motivated me to bring out the best in me.