The Retro Queens.!

The first thing that we wait for after joining a college, it may be for any program like a graduate degree or a post graduate degree is the “freshers’ night”. 😛 I don’t know about everyone but truly speaking I do wait for it.

It’s not just a night, it’s that night where we are able to open up for the first time from all the fears and limitations we have, we get a chance to know our seniors and even some of our own batchmates, the environment out there, some of us even discover our unknown and hidden talents.

And most of it happened with us ( us includes me and my newly-found-turned-out-to-be-great friends). 😉 Most of all, I still can’t imagine it took me almost an hour to get into the theme person given by our seniors which was the retro look. We had put in a hell lot of effort to match up with the retro queens and some of them actually succeeded in it (though not me 😦 ). So have a look on the modern-retro look of us. 😛






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